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a.       Updating the database.

b.      Changing the source code.

c.       Configuring the feature in the config file.

d.      Configuring the feature in the admin settings.

a.      using plug-ins

b.      adding them to the header.php file

c.       updating the database

d.      None of the above.

a.       use the wp-changetitle plug-in

b.      use a widget

c.       change the title tag in header.php to something like "blog name »» category »» post name"

a.       Using a plug-in.

b.      Adding the feature in the admin settings.

c.       Changing the config file.

d.      a and c

e.       a and b

a.       Permalinks are required.

b.      Permalinks are optional but highly recommended.

c.       Permalinks are always available in WordPress.

d.      Permalinks are not available in WordPress.